Monday, 28 April 2014

Stan Lee's Guardians of the Galaxy Cameo Revealed

stan-leeStan Lee, the former president of Marvel Comics and the creator of many of its most-beloved characters, has revealed that he will have a cameo role in the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy film.

When asked by a fan at Chicago's C2E2 pop culture convention whether or not he would appear in the film Lee stated that he would. “I did, already,” he said. “I can’t tell you what it is, but I can tell you I do not understand what it was or why I did it. It has me with a girl — a very pretty girl — that’s all I can tell you.”

Lee, who usually cameos in movies based around Marvel characters, originally said that he would not be appearing in Guardians because he did not make the characters. However, Lee did help to make the tree character named Groot who is one of the guardians in the film. This may have been part of the reason why Lee changed his mind about doing a cameo (in addition to the fact that his cameos are always well-received in every film).

Below you can have a look at some of Stan Lee's prior cameos.

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