Wednesday, 11 May 2016

All 12 Death Note Manga Covers Analyzed

The Death Note manga is composed of 12 separate volumes. Each volume has it's own cover art drawn by Takeshi Obata. Manga artwork is generally pretty well-done, but I think that the cover art for the Death Note manga is particularly cool. Below I talk a little bit about the covers for each volume of the manga.

Sunday, 8 May 2016

10 Good Epic Fantasy Series for Beginners

The cover art of the 1983 paperback edition of Lyonesse - Book 1: Suldrun's Garden.With the surge in popularity over the last decade and a half of movies like The Lord of the Rings and shows like Game of Thrones, many people have become enchanted by the fantasy genre. Furthermore, a lot of people (quite possibly you if you're reading this article) have started looking for good fantasy books to read. And, more specifically, since Game of Thrones and Lord of the Rings are both epic fantasies, a lot of people are craving stories in that specific sub-genre. Well, if you're that person, I'm going to try and help you by offering up some suggested reading material. If you're an "epic fantasy beginner", then take a look below at my list of ten series that you might want to start off with in the genre.

Friday, 6 May 2016

Why Are Anime and Manga So Popular in Japan?

A black and white anime drawing.Why are anime and manga so popular in Japan? I've seen this question asked several times online. In this article, I'll provide my own answer to the question. Before I do though, I will address an assumption underlying the question itself. Additionally, I want to preface this by saying that what is written below is just my opinion. I'm not a sociologist or any type of cultural expert. There are a lot of variables involved when you consider any type of human activity on any scale, be it at an individual or group level. So don't look at this (or any similar article online) as the definitive answer to this question. Nobody is able to offer that.

Fantasy RPGs: 15 Hidden Gems for the PC

The box art for the 2001 PC game, Gothic.You've all heard of the Diablo series, World of Warcraft and the Fable games. But have you heard of Titan Quest, Divine Divinity or the Gothic series? Probably some of you have and some of you haven't. I think it's a shame that more people haven't heard of the latter three items that I just listed since they represent some of the best that the RPG genre has to offer on PC. As a result, I've put together a list of 15 fantasy RPGs for the PC that are a bit more obscure. So grab a drink and peruse my selections. You might see something you like.

Wednesday, 30 March 2016

19 Comedies from the 1970s that Will Get You Hooked on British Humour

The Brits have a very interesting sense of humour. Anyone who has watched a sitcom from there will understand that quite well. However, many people haven't had the good fortune of doing so. With this post, I hope to change that. Here are 19 British comedies from the 1970s that you'll want to check out.
An Infographic/Poster Showing An Example of a British Comedy from the 1970s

Saturday, 26 March 2016

15 Movies You Have to Watch More than Once to Really Appreciate

There are some movies out there that you just have to watch more than once. Some films are just too weird to comprehend after watching them one time. Other, more straightforward films also occasionally warrant a re-watching because there is so much going on in them that it's impossible to absorb all of the content in one viewing. Whatever the case may be, there are quite a few of these types of movies out there. Here are 15 of them.

Sunday, 24 May 2015

Chris Pratt Is Awesome and This Facebook Post Shows Why

Guardians of the Galaxy star Chris Pratt recently left a message on his Facebook page apologizing for actions that he hasn't even taken yet. In the coming weeks he'll be touring the globe to promote his upcoming movie Jurassic World (coming out on June 12). It seems that he's anticipating criticism from the media based on some of the things that he'll say in interviews on this tour. As a result, he issued an advanced apology for anything he says in the future. You can read it below.